The Founders Live Podcast

143 - Cam Kashani: Do You Trust Yourself And Your Immense Power?

September 19, 2021 Founders Live Season 2 Episode 143
The Founders Live Podcast
143 - Cam Kashani: Do You Trust Yourself And Your Immense Power?
Show Notes

Nick Hughes is joined by Cam Kashani, Sacred Queen Embodiment Guide and inspirational speaker from Los Angeles CA. Cam works with individual clients, is building out new products for her offerings, as well as hosts her own Podcast - The Cam Kashani Show. Nick and Cam have a very deep and insightful conversation starting with her own powerful journey into entrepreneurship and then the take a leap into the abyss! They cover how to work through the dark times,  how to deal with previous trauma - how can we harness it for strength and move forward, as well as what she is excited about right now such as a new Sacred Queen Community - an academy she will be rolling out very soon. Also, Nick asks about how to find our inner power and voice, and the biggest thing that holds entrepreneurs back. They then finish with what is Cam's WHY and what imprint does she want to leave behind? This is a special episode, and Cam speaks the truth of how to grow as a leader and human being, and we hope it helps you today!

About Cam Kashani:
Cam Kashani is a four-time Award-Nominated Sacred Queen Embodiment Guide, Awakened Leadership Expert, and Inspirational Speaker, leading women to their true, authentic, core power — allowing them to embody their inner Queen.

She hosts a popular podcast called “The Cam Kashani Show”, focused on ‘Redefining Beauty, Body, and Self’, has worked with 5000+ people, and was named one of the most "Inspirational Women" by Inc. Magazine, and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, LA Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Delta SKY Magazine and more. She is also a single mom of twin boys. 

She is a 3-time founder and has been an expert speaker with the US State Department in a program proven to ward off extremism by empowering the women and youth overseas. 

Previously, she cofounded the first coworking space in Los Angeles for technology startups and entrepreneurs in 2010, Coloft. During her four years there, Coloft had over 1800 alumni, including Uber LA, Instacart, Fullscreen and others. Earning her the title the “Godmother of Silicon Beach”.

Cam has her MBA In Entrepreneurship and Marketing, in addition to a degree in Advanced Spiritual Psychology. 

Cam has a deeply rooted passion for working specifically with women as she believes that when women embrace their deeply rooted power, we can collectively shift the energy, and ultimately create a more harmonious environment for us all.