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The Founders Live Podcast tells stories of unique and inspiring entrepreneurship from around the world.

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155 - Craig Clickner & Carrie Bohlig: Building Your Side Hustle And How To Live Time WealthyNovember 21, 2021 Episode artwork 154 - Sara Shokouhi of b.WEAR: Humanizing The Uncomfortable To Create Inclusive ApparelNovember 07, 2021 Episode artwork 153 - Ryan Staley: Why Podcasting Will Change Your Life And BusinessNovember 07, 2021 Episode artwork 152 - Rachit Dayal of Happy Marketer: Acquisitions and What To Expect When Selling Your Startup October 30, 2021 Episode artwork 151 - Simon Muzariri of Omorfo Tech Labs: We're Changing The Technology Landscape in ZimbabweOctober 30, 2021 Episode artwork 150 - Pawel Paczuski of Upmedic: Play Feedback Ping Pong With Your Customers To Improve Your ServiceOctober 24, 2021 Episode artwork 149 - Julia Freeland: Take Your Shoes Off First To See Things More ClearlyOctober 17, 2021 Episode artwork 148 - Alex Salinsky of En Blazes: The Ins and Outs of Scaling Your Startup October 10, 2021 Episode artwork 147 - Jeff Pugel of Ignition: Your Marketing Message is Vital And Will Make Or Break Your CompanySeptember 30, 2021 Episode artwork 146 - Rosalinda Mendoza of Mocel: Inspiring Connection Through Shared Tasting ExperiencesSeptember 25, 2021 Episode artwork 145 - Ed Vincent of FestivalPass: Here's The Future of Events and Live ExperiencesSeptember 23, 2021 Episode artwork 144 - Richard Brion of RevoAg: The Produce You Eat Shouldn't Have To Travel Thousands of MilesSeptember 19, 2021 Episode artwork 143 - Cam Kashani: Do You Trust Yourself And Your Immense Power?September 19, 2021 Episode artwork 142 - Surbhi Rathore of What It's Like To Lead A Fast Growing Startup In A PandemicSeptember 10, 2021 Episode artwork 141 - Erin McCune of Easeenet: Giving People A Voice of What They Want After Their Life EndsSeptember 10, 2021 Episode artwork 140 - John Naughton of GoContractor: Building The Foundations of A Great CompanyAugust 22, 2021 Episode artwork 139 - Artin Nazarian: How To Launch Your Dream Side Venture While Working A Full Time Job August 22, 2021 Episode artwork 138 - Hrish Lotlikar of SuperWorld: Soon You Will Live In A SuperWorld In The Metaverse August 14, 2021 Episode artwork 137 - David Berkowitz of Serial Marketers: Building Community Post-Pandemic Requires More Meaning and IntentionAugust 06, 2021 Episode artwork 136 - Diana Muturia of Clyn: A Cleaning App That Respects And Serves All CleanersAugust 06, 2021 Episode artwork 135 - Debbie Garcia of Virsitour: The Future of The Event Industry Will Blend Virtual and Physical ExperiencesAugust 04, 2021 Episode artwork 134 - Stephanie M. Hutchins of Serotinous Life: Personal and Professional Transformation After TraumaAugust 04, 2021 Episode artwork 133 - Clinton Anani of Quick Buy Online: Powering Local Digital Marketplaces Across GhanaJune 20, 2021 Episode artwork 132 - Kesha Rodgers and Sara So of The Ally League: The Importance Of Highlighting Black Owned Businesses and EntrepreneursJune 20, 2021 Episode artwork 130 - Bryan Rutberg: Do Your Customers Love You Enough?May 29, 2021 Episode artwork