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The Founders Live Podcast tells stories of unique and inspiring entrepreneurship from around the world.

Recent Episodes

095 - Founders Live Prime Time Global Finalist Interview: GK Khanna of Brain Racers from Toronto, CanadaNovember 22, 2020 Episode artwork 094 - Tendai Mupaso of Yaita: Visions of Powering The Digital Commerce Movement in AfricaNovember 22, 2020 Episode artwork 092 - Christopher Lawrence of Natural Based Supplements: Organically Solving The World's Sleeping Troubles November 14, 2020 Episode artwork 093 - Founders Live Prime Time Global Finalist Interview: Paola Ortega of Air from Mexico City, MexicoNovember 14, 2020 Episode artwork 091 - Raisa Noelle of Women in Cloud: Creating Purposeful and Meaningful Global CommunitiesNovember 14, 2020 Episode artwork 089 - Chaitra Vedullapalli of Women in Cloud: Be The Change You Want To See In The WorldNovember 06, 2020 Episode artwork 090 - George Wauchope of GiftGoat: How To Pandemic Proof Your Business, Or Pivot If You Can'tNovember 06, 2020 Episode artwork 088 - Daniel Salinas and Juan David of TREELIFE: Leading The Reforestation Revolution In Rural AreasOctober 30, 2020 Episode artwork 087 - Derek Ricciuto of Gaggle: Finding New Local Friends In the Era of CovidOctober 30, 2020 Episode artwork 086 - Mel Blatt of Indipop: You Work On Your Hustle, Let Us Worry About Your Health Benefits.October 18, 2020 Episode artwork 085 - Nicholas Zeisler of Zeisler Consulting: Why Customer Experience Will Make Or Break Your CompanyOctober 18, 2020 Episode artwork 084 - Katie Diasti of Viv: Empowering Womxn To Live Healthier And More Sustainable LivesOctober 14, 2020 Episode artwork 083 - Allie Reitz of Good Elephant: Making A Mindful Lifestyle inclusive and Affordable For Everyone October 14, 2020 Episode artwork 082 - Rebekah Bastian of OwnTrail: Blaze Your Own Trail And Share It With OthersOctober 08, 2020 Episode artwork 081 - Alison Bell of Phoenix: How To Create A Truly Human Brand and Unique Company October 03, 2020 Episode artwork 080 - Shadrach White of cloudPWR: Entrepreneurship Is A Lifestyle And A CommitmentSeptember 30, 2020 Episode artwork 079 - Valentine Shoti of Organut Manufactures: The Natural and Healthy Reform of Food in Zimbabwe and BeyondSeptember 30, 2020 Episode artwork 078 - Amanda Doamaral of Fiveable: Building A Learning Community From Experiment To ProductSeptember 21, 2020 Episode artwork 077 - Shelly Bell of Black Girl Ventures: Social Capital Is The Real Change Need For Underrepresented Populations September 12, 2020 Episode artwork 076 - QQ and Huina of Wissee: Using Data Analytics To Power The Next Generation of InvestmentsSeptember 12, 2020 Episode artwork 075 - John Fanning CEO of Zelgor Games: Out of Catastrophe Comes OpportunitySeptember 12, 2020 Episode artwork 074 - Stephani Lucas and Bradford Scott Walton of Spiritual Masochist: Hurts So GoodSeptember 11, 2020 Episode artwork 073 - Farouk Daher of The GoTo Platform For The Side Hustle Freelancer EconomyAugust 10, 2020 Episode artwork 072 - Johnathan Buell of Purpose Academy: Weaving Social Impact Into Your BusinessAugust 10, 2020 Episode artwork 071 - Mel Blatt of indipop: Affordable Health Care Options For Entrepreneurs and FreelancersAugust 01, 2020 Episode artwork